Case Studies

Assignment open for two years; two search firms had failed to find the right fit...

The Client:

A large and sophisticated investment organization.

The Challenge:

To recruit a high potential candidate to head a highly technical area in its finance function, bringing in-depth knowledge in derivatives valuation.

The Situation:

This position had been vacant for 18 months, and two search firms with which the client organization had strong prior relationships had been unsuccessful. There were a number of reasons for these challenges. The compensation level was perhaps low for the talent required, but more importantly, the level of intellect required was extremely high. As part of the screening process, the client utilized a challenging technical test that many candidates could not begin to address.

Our Strategy:

We’d like to say we developed a new and creative search strategy that got us to the appropriate candidate quickly and easily. But really, there are no short cuts. We followed a tried and true process of mapping out relevant organizations, and systematically contacting individuals directly.


Ultimately, after meaningful conversations with over 300 people, we identified the right candidate and successfully closed the search.

Post Mortem:

What did we do differently from our competitors? We continued to make additional phone calls, to diligently and persuasively talk to the candidate pool and those around it. There were no ‘silver bullets’ (as much as we tried to find them!). We continued to spread the word with some key constituents in the overall marketplace and our perseverance resulted in success.

The candidate has been with our client's organization for well over a year, and has become a highly valued addition to the team.